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Japanese On’yomi & Sino-Korean: no. 4: The Days of the Week

Pattern: [designated Chinese character] + 曜日

pronunciation of 曜日

Japanese: [] ようび        Korean: [yo-il] 요일

bi bi youyou




Sunday  日曜日

日 meaning: day, sun

biJapanese: にちようび []          Korean: 일요일 [i-lyo-il]


Monday 月曜日

月 meaning: month, moon

getsuJapanese: げつようび []          Korean: 월요일 [wŏ-lyo-il]


Tuesday  火曜日

火 meaning: fire

kaJapanese: かようび []          Korean: 화요일 [hwa-yo-il]


Wednesday 水曜日

水 meaning: water

suiJapanese: すいようび []          Korean: 수요일 [su-yo-il]


Thursday  木曜日

木 meaning: tree, wood

mokuJapanese: もくようび []          Korean: 목요일 [mok-yo-il]


Friday  金曜日

金 meaning: gold

kinJapanese: きんようび []          Korean: 금요일 [kŭm-yo-il]


Saturday 土曜日

土 meaning: soil, earth, ground

doJapanese: どようび []          Korean: 토요일 [t’o-yo-il]


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